JF Koh: web developer / writer  

About me

Hello, I am JF Koh, a freelance web developer based in Singapore.

I am also a writer of science fiction and fantasy, working on some ideas for a book series.

I used to organize events as a hobby, including Social Psychology Singapore Meetup and Singapore 24-Hour Comics Day. I also edit the quarterly comics anthology Panelgraph Showcase, but it is currently on hiatus.


Web coding portfolio

I code in HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript, jQuery, and SQL (MySQL database). I also have a working knowledge of Oracle Application Express (APEX) and Photoshop image manipulation (actually I use Gimp, but most people have never heard of Gimp; it's similar to Photoshop).

Below are a few of my more interesting, recent web projects. They include responsive, mobile-first design.


Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition

Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition

A micro-site for my friends in Singapore Film Society. This is a revamp to make it mobile-responsive, while preserving much of the look-and-feel done by the previous web designer.

Highlights of this project:

  • Responsive, mobile-first design. That means it is optimized first for the mobile screen, and the layout will adjust itself to any screen size.
  • Random background image every time you load.

Below illustrates the responsive design when the screen is reduced to the narrow width of a mobile phone. The navigation menu adapts itself and expands when you tap on the menu icon.

Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition


Animation Nation 2016

Animation Nation 2016

Animation Nation is a film festival organized by Singapore Film Society. I coded this site in September 2016.

Highlight of this project:

  • Responsive, mobile-first design.



Ken Foo (or Kenfoo as he prefers to be spelt) is a Singapore comic book artist and friend of mine. This is one of the most fun and interactive websites I have coded. The art work is all by Ken.

This site features horizontal scrolling powered by jQuery. You need to use the navi menu at the bottom, which has a pointer which you can click or drag. It is optimized for large screens and does not display well on small mobile screens.

Highlights of this project include jQuery working seamlessly with PHP code:

  • Superprize: A tikam game which displays random nonsensical prizes.
  • Personality Center: After answering a series of questions, Muffina the test instructor will reveal your personality type. You need to have a sense of humour, because no matter how you answer, your result will always be insulting.
  • ???: Puzzle game. Deliberately designed to be almost impossible to solve. But if you succeed, you will get to see sexy Lilith, an elemental goddess who will banish you to another realm.
  • Comics: A selection of Ken's short comics for free reading.

More coming soon ...

I will be adding some previous work which involves custom content management system.

Last update: 16 Nov 2016